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Barolo La Foia DOCG


Grape variety: Nebbiolo.

Production area: Piedmont - Langhe, municipality of La Morra, Annunziata district. The vineyard from which it comes is the Arborina, the part with east exposure, with an altitude of approx. 270/300 m s.l.m.

Yield per hectareon average 65 quintals of grapes per hectare

 Bottles produced: 7.000.
 Cultivation: vertical trellised, Guyot pruning.

Wine making: Nebbiolo is a late grape, harvesting is normally done in the month of October, but harvesting is still frequent at the end of September with increasingly hot years. The grapes, harvested by hand in small airy boxes, are crushed and de-stemmed and fermented without the addition of selected yeasts. A few days before harvesting, we collect a few baskets of grapes to create the pied de cuve, a fermentation starter with naturally occurring yeasts on the skins. During fermentation we proceed with manual repassing and pressing. After a maceration of about 20 days, it is drawn off and after the malolactic fermentation takes place, the aging in wood starts in oak barrels of 20 or 30 HL for two years. It is bottled in the summer months of the third year without clarification or filtration. At the fourth year after a year's aging in bottle it is put on the market.

when young it is bright garnet red, with aging it acquires orange reflections.

Smell: intense, ethereal, spicy with hints of rosehip petals, licorice, leather and truffle.

Taste: warm, austere, full, robust and at the same time velvety and elegant. When young it is appreciated for its freshness even if with some angularity, with the refinement the wine softens and develops the warmer and spicy tertiary sensations.



Pairings: braised and overcooked meats, game, aged cheeses. Excellent combination with the Alba White Truffle.

Serving temperature:

Serving suggestion: it is an extremely long-lived wine, however it is always very pleasant to taste it in every moment of its life and it is interesting and fascinating to appreciate its evolution over the years.

Alcohol content:
14-15% vol.