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Barolo Chinato is a liqueur born at the end of the 19th century as a corroborating medicine.

Grape variety: Nebbiolo.
Wine making: at the base there is the Barolo DOCG which, with the addition of alcohol and sugar, is flavored with about twenty precious herbs and spices.
Among the main aromas are China Calissaia, Star anise, Coriander, Wood Quassio, then also Fennel, Wild Cherry, Sage and Elder.

Color: deep garnet red with orange reflections.
Smell: it is an explosion of aromas for the spices that compose it. Fruity and fresh but also warm and enveloping.
Taste: full-bodied, with a pleasant combination of sweet and bitter.

Pairings: excellent as a digestive served after meals or in combination with bitter chocolate or dry pastries. It is excellent served with ice and an orange peel. It is also used in aperitifs; an alternative idea is Spritz al Barolo Chinato.

Serving temperature: serve at room temperature or in summer, with a few ice cubes, or steam heated with an orange peel to combat winter colds.

Alcohol content: 18% vol.